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Does the app work in areas without a cellular connection?


Does the app work in areas without a cellular connection?

You can use the PHOTO iD app in areas with no power and without a cellular/ internet connection. However, the images captured may not back up to the server if a cellular/internet connection is not available.

(NOTE: Do not turn off your device if all of your images have not synced as this may result in the lost of those unsynced images)

PHOTO iD is so smart that when the app finds an available internet connection the photos taken within the PHOTO iD app will automatically sync to the server. The photos captured within the PHOTO iD app are also backed up to your mobile device’s camera library to add an additional safeguard to your valuable images.

(Please be sure that the “Sync on cellular Connection” switch is enabled within the app’s setting screen)

Please note that all of the images must be completely synced and uploaded to the server before you can successfully export a zip file.

If your images are not showing “synced” the cellular connection is poor or offline. To ensure you have a copy of the metadata images do the following:

Export the metadata images to your device by simply tapping on the “Export” Images icon.
You can verify the sync status of each assignment on Assignment Details Page; on the Assignment Feed Page; or on the Report Preview Page. You can also view which images may not have synced by simply tapping on the arrow on the right of the sync progress indicator.

If there are any images that have not synced within an assignment on the Sync Activity Page due to connectivity issues, simply tap onto the Sync icon within each assignment folder to restart the sync process. The images don’t resync after a strong internet connection is reestablished, turn on the airplane mode momentarily within your device, which should reset the app’s internet connectivity once airplane mode is turned back off.

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