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  • with your Existing Software

  • Although PHOTO ID is packed with features, we know that you rely on a whole stack of other software to run your business. Keeping track of projects, leads, messages, and files across multiple platforms can be a headache!

  • To get the productivity boost you were hoping for when implementing these systems, they need to work together. Getting integrations to work is often cumbersome and requires extra effort from developers. This is where our integration partner Zapier comes in. Zapier’s easy-to-use visual workflow builder allows you to connect PHOTO iD with over 4,000 websites and apps — no technical skills required.

The combinations of apps and workflows are close to unlimited. We’re excited to get your feedback on our new integration capabilities. Don’t see an integration you’d like? Send us your request here

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Connect PHOTO iD with your favorite tools to increase productivity, reduce business costs and provide support for your commercial and residential jobs. Our integration with Zapier enables you to connect PHOTO iD to 2,000+ other applications, including Salesforce, Zoho CRM, JobNimbus, Google Drive or Drop Box, to name a few. These inspection app connections allow users to streamline their productivity and ensure their clients receive the care and attention they deserve.

Zapier Integrations

Managing your usual workflow can quickly feel like an uphill battle, keeping track of all the information you need to do your job effectively across multiple platforms. This exhausting feeling often makes for a challenging work environment where some key details can fall through the cracks. That’s where Zapier integrations can prove immediately helpful for property inspectors!

Our property inspection app integrations allow you to connect your business with your image-capturing technology and have everything automatically channeled into one space. PHOTO iD will create the inspection photo reports or image zip files, and the Zapier integration will help put it exactly where you need it to help better serve your clients.

Salesforce Integrations

Property adjusters, roofers or contractors looking for a customized inspection app want something that can play nicely with their management software. For most companies, that means Salesforce, the all-in-one CRM software that has become the go-to option for the industry — and you need products that can play in that sandbox. Our Salesforce integrations allow you to take the photos you take and receive of various properties and transport them into your existing workflow system. Our property inspection app integrations will enable you to keep track of your currently work or inspection projects and have detailed notes on each property and what’s presently ailing it.

Contractor Apps

Contractors need apps that offer a wide range of integration customization to better support their teams in the field and their clients. Finding contractor apps that fit their diverse industry needs and can seamlessly integrate into their existing workflow without disrupting their established cadence. Our range of inspection app connections allows you to begin using PHOTO iD and easily connect it to your current management system. We aim to take the stress out of your day and ensure your unique needs are met with our customized property inspection app integrations. Don’t see an integration that works for you? Contact us to request an integration addition today!

Custom Property Inspection App

Conducting a thorough property inspection requires careful planning and a keen eye for detail. You need to be able to spot even the smallest imperfections that could indicate there is something more serious at play. A custom property inspection app that integrates with your existing workflows will help improve and streamline your processes. Our evolving property inspection app integrations connect property inspectors with the daily services they use.

Download PHOTO iD and Streamline Your Workflow Today!

To best serve your clients, you need a way to track your workflow clearly and concisely. PHOTO iD was made by property inspectors to help streamline the process and make organizing your inspection photos easier than ever. We offer unique custom solutions, innovative features, affordable pricing, and more that will make you wonder how you ever did it any other way!

Download PHOTO iD by U Scope in the App Store or Google Play Store and start experiencing the workflow benefits today!

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