Insurance Home Inspection Software

Damage to homes, businesses, and personal property can come in various forms when you least expect it. Whether a storm caused damage to a roof, an unexpected fire burns down an apartment complex, or a ruptured hot water heater causes severe water damage to a property, taking accurate and detailed pictures of the damage will help expedite the entire claim process. Finding insurance home inspection software can help make this process less of a headache. Our app is here to help!

Our unique insurance agency software allows companies and property adjusters to create detailed home inspection reports that make their insurance agent’s jobs easier. By using PHOTO iD you can capture and label your images in real-time while keeping every photo group-sorted and organized with custom inspection workflows to share with other parties from any location.

Insurance Claim Inspection App

While the big insurance companies offer their own insurance claim inspection apps, these options often don’t provide the most robust tools for their field reps and property adjusters. You must capture photos at multiple inspection sites and must manually label and reorganize all the photos to complete every appraisal report. Our proven insurance agency software solutions are here to help take the stress out of the prospect of submitting a claim.

Finding an insurance claim inspection app that provides you with all the tools you need to clearly document an insurance claim is crucial. We give our users the tools they need to show their insurance agent the depth of the damage so the entire inspection process can be streamlined for all parties.

Insurance Picture Software

Submitting countless pictures of a property loss takes up a lot of your precious time and gives your insurance agent a large file of photos to sort through. Our innovatively designed insurance picture software aims to simplify this process and improve the overall inspection documentation process of submitting these images for any claim. Our insurance agency software interface allows users to take these pictures, edit them, and even account for things like the roof pitch and the cardinal directions of any property. We know the claims process can be long and anxiety-inducing; that’s why we have built our app with simplifying everything in mind.

Measure Away

Aerial Roof & Elevation Wall Measurement Reports

Expedite your field inspections by ordering aerial measurements of the roof or elevations before or without visiting the jobsite.  

Choose from PDF, ESX (Xactimate) or XML (Symbility) formats and combine your photo report with detailed diagrams and accurate measurements to provide your clients with a full inspection report.

Matterport to Xactimate ESX floorplan conversations also available.   

Download PHOTO iD by U Scope Today!

When you need new, proven, and reliable insurance agency software to take the stress out of your upcoming claim submission, PHOTO iD by U Scope is here to help! We designed our app to help our users take the most detailed photographs of their damaged property and ensure they can organize it in an easy-to-follow manner. Learn more about our app and download it from your app store of choice today!

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