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With the help of U Scope we created a revolutionary property inspection app. If you are looking to instantly organize, label, and share your jobsite photos with your team or clients – PHOTO iD was made for you!

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PHOTO iD’s Advisors and Investors

U Scope Technologies

The Story of PHOTO iD 

Over the past 12 years, the founder of U Scope has been among the thousands of property adjusters caught in the wake of multiple hurricanes, tornadoes and disastrous floods that has affected the U.S. mainland. After experiencing firsthand how traumatic and stressful the process of rebuilding was for property owners, adjusters, and the contractors after these types of events, one thing became increasingly clear. The traditional methods of property inspections were outdated, inadequate and exasperating for everyone involved.

Ineffective tools and workflows led to inconsistent and incomplete data, resulting in ineffective analysis and an increasingly time-consuming process. Confident that there had to be a better way to conduct these inspections, therefore, U Scope Technologies was created, and we began to work on the inspection tool that would bring property inspections into the 21st century.

Articles & Press Releases

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Save Time and Complete Inspections Faster

Save Time and Complete Inspections Faster

How PHOTO iD Revolutionizes Field Service TasksYou perform inspections all day, photographing homes, damage, or property for all sorts of reasons and job functions. The last thing you want to do when you get home is go through all your images and get them report-ready...

Goodie Nation

Google awards $5M in non-dilutive cash awards to the Next Generation of promising companies

The Atlanta Voice

The Atlanta Voice

Google for Startups Black Founders Fund awards $2.35M to Metro Atlanta entrepreneurs

Atlanta Innovation Forum

Atlanta Innovation Forum

U Scope builds a social distancing virtual property inspection platform to assist during the pandemic



U Scope Donates $1 Million worth of Free Inspection software to assist Hurricane Florence Disaster Victims

PHOTO iD for Property Inspectors

Label your images on the Fly!

Capture & Label your inspection with one quick touch and dictate custom descriptive captions without slowing down your normal inspection process.

Our Vision

To build the most useful property inspection mobile app experience in the world.

Our Mission

To save property inspectors time by providing them with apps to make their jobs easier.

Why U Scope

Our values drive our purpose, they guide our approach to work and how we funnel that approach to our clients.


Our software suite includes mobile and desktop applications that communicate seemlessly with each other to enable ournusers to inspect from the site or from behind the desk.

Ease of Use

Our platform’s user-flow was designed to deliver the most streamlined approach of documenting the condition of a property with ease.


Inspect 2-3 more properties on the daily basis to improve performance and increase profitability across your entire team.

Time Management

Save an extra 30-60 minutes per inspection from labeling countless photos with our simplified image labeling process.

Quality Assurance

Export vital information gathered during each inspection to help expedite completing those jobs or claims for your clients.


Our advanced data infrastructure encrypts and protects your confidential information from unauthorized access from both internal and external threats.

In-Camera Compass

In-Camera Compass

Cardinal Direction Tool

Capture the cardinal directions of every structure’s elevations and roof slopes to document the precise details of each location.

In-Camera Compass

In-Camera Compass

Cardinal Direction Tool

Capture the cardinal directions of every structure’s elevations and roof slopes to document the precise details of each location.

In-Camera Compass

Cardinal Direction Tool

Capture the cardinal directions of every structure’s elevations and roof slopes to document the precise details of each location.

Real Life Testimonials

See What Other Property Inspectors
Have to Say About PHOTO iD

This app is really a true LIFESAVER! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. My wife actually noticed recently that I’ve had extra time to spend more time with her and the kids. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Mitchell Price

Insurance Adjuster

Amazing app for remote adjusting and assisting team members in the field. It really has increased our team’s productivity. I would definitely recommend.

Ryan Knight

Ladder Assist

I have been using photo ID for over two years. It is by far the biggest time saver I have ever used. To say that this app has saved me hundreds of hours is an understatement.

Jason Juday

Property Apraiser

Extremely useful app for anyone performing property inspections. Highly recommended for contractors and roofers.

Brandon Newton

Roof Inspector

I really love the voice to text feature as I capture and label my images. This feature alone saves me a ton of time and allows me to send my reports from the field with literally no downtime.

Cecil Dalton

Ladder Assist

Great inspection app! Very easy to use and it’s a plus that I can export my images into Xactimate using the platform’s web app.

Travis Tatom

Public Adjuster

In-camera Pitch Gauge

Roof Pitch Factor Tool

Safely capture the roof’s pitch factor on your images and final photo report instantly with a single touch.

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